Windsor Realty Group is a leading provider of commercial target market real estate solutions. We have combined great people with our proprietary Real Estate Done Right process and state-of-the art technology tools to target the commercial real estate solution that is right for you.

We will help you locate the optimal location, negotiate the initial transaction, renewals or relocations, and manage your entire real estate portfolio to ensure long-term growth and success.

Windsor’s unique approach combines analytics with creativity. Our professionals will provide you with a variety of real estate services, including –

  • Predictive modeling
  • Real estate site selection
  • Commercial real estate leasing
  • Commercial real estate purchases
  • Real estate asset disposition
  • Commercial real estate renewals and relocations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Real estate portfolio management
  • Employee scatter plot studies
  • Market intelligence studies

Windsor utilizes the following real estate technology tools:

  • Mapinfo Mapping Software
  • Custom Real Estate Apps
  • Proprietary Custom Client Portal
  • Nielsen Prizm Customer Segmentation
  • Software Geo-Coding
  • National Commercial Buildings Database